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Noah Petherbridge
[Sticky] Posted by Noah Petherbridge on Wednesday, April 09 2014 @ 03:15:41 PM

Welcome to rophako.kirsle.net! This website is, itself, running on my Rophako CMS.

This is the default website and layout that comes with Rophako. You can override any of its HTML files in your own site's folder. Or you can just use this design for your site if you're lazy. The design is released under the same GNU GPLv2 license as Rophako itself!

What you're reading right now is a blog post. More posts may come later as I add more features. Currently Rophako can be considered to be in "beta."

Check it out on Github: https://github.com/kirsle/rophako

This example site includes some photo albums so you can see how they look and work. All photos were freely obtained from Wikimedia Commons.

Sites Powered by Rophako

Some example sites powered by Rophako (besides this one, of course!):


[ Blog ]


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